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Why work with our coaches?

"Coach Matt was very detailed in his skill development with me. He worked on very specific footwork and techniques that improved my shot quickly and effectively."

- Ryan, Portsmouth, NH


"Matt is a very talented and energetic 1-1 coach. Great teaching skills and keeps the tempo throughout the entire time on field. Specifically, my son wanted to focus on 2-3 offensive skills to build upon. The lessons are packed with key drills tailored to the areas that need growth."

- Matt H., York, ME

"Coach Matt was enthusiastic and well prepared for our session. He gave me some excellent pointers. He worked me hard and we had an action packed session, I would highly recommend him."

- John, Rye, NH


As a parent, I can't compliment this coach more. He is thoughtful and professional and goes above and beyond expectations. He connected with both of our kids (U10 and U13) very well and offered not only encouragement but also constructive criticism and guided corrections. His practice plans were varied and progressive, providing challenges and skill refinement every step of the way.

- Amy, Portsmouth, NH

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